Solution for efficient tracking and monitoring of Barrels, Containers and KEGs

Track my KEG

Where is my barrel, why and for how long? What is the filling level and temperature? TRACK-MY-KEG.COM provides the answers!

Manufacturers of barrels, maintenance companies, breweries, beverage dealers and their customers today have only limited information about where barrels are at the moment and how the filling level is. This results in unnecessarily long downtimes and an ineffective, expensive process.


TRACK-MY-KEG.COM offers benefits in the following areas, among others:

Optimized logistics

Increase of the turnrate

Cost-effective ordering process

Improved customer service


TRACK-MY-KEG.COM offers the following solution:

track my keg - filling level - temperature - location
  • Worldwide positioning via mobile radio (GSM / NB-IoT, LTE-CAT-M)
  • Level, position and temperature measurement
  • Adaptable logic and sensors
  • Battery life > 5 years
  • Flexible web portal (incl. alarms and ERP connection)
  • Reliable, secure and highly scalable technology (more than 750,000 devices already in use)
  • Suitable for various barrels and containers (also IBC, FLC and other load carriers)




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