Data services as the basis for agile business processes


Big Data has moved from hype to mainstream. As a matter of course, SMEs now store vast amounts of sensor data and other unstructured field data in real time. More and more, however, they are finding that managing big data can also become a major burden. Often, the costs of data storage, processing and analysis are rising faster than revenues. And there is a lack of manpower to use the data in a targeted way. Targeted means uncompromising orientation towards customer benefit. What data do you need? We give it to you.

Your data pool is also guaranteed to contain hidden business potential. With the help of our data services, we can unleash this potential. As an experienced specialist for digital transformation, NXTGN supports you in data analysis, the harmonisation of your processes and data flows and the intelligent linking of CRM and ERP data in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Our services in the area of Data Services

Data migration and data transformation

The data of the future is constantly on the move. This makes the provision of a scalable infrastructure a real challenge. We support you in harmonising your processes and data flows as well as in selecting the right technologies to provide the process-related data for the respective applications quickly and flexibly from the cloud.

Data Analytics

Data that companies collect today is largely unstructured. They collect demographic information, social media activity, sensor data as well as geospatial data. And then? Without an intelligent data analytics tool like Microsoft Power BI, no meaningful data analysis is possible.

Data Insights

Data insights give you and especially the management the eureka moment - or not. From data analysis, reporting tools provide the necessary insights into which value is created from which activities and processes. If processes are not set up well, they need to be adjusted in the right places.

Implementation and programming of software and tools

NXTGN does not stop at concept development and consulting. The implementation of data collection and evaluation tools as well as the step-by-step implementation of microservices and apps is of course also part of our core business. We have already realised several individual interfaces to Microsoft Dynamics.


Our approach: processes before software

What is the status quo in your software and IT landscape? Historically, business applications such as ERP, CRM, PLM, PPS and BI are separate data silos that are at best connected via interfaces. Due to the language alone, machine IT operates on a completely different level. Instead of looking for a monolithic, high-maintenance all-in-one solution with an extremely high customising effort, we go the opposite way with you.

We use the openness of modern data platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics in combination with IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure. They are the basis for smart applications that support your process steps along the value chain in a targeted manner.



In practice, unstructured data is integrated into Dynamics via an interface, where it is further processed via workflows and enriched with
intelligent data. From this, special applications can be created that give all participants a transparent overview of the relevant data.

We have successfully implemented projects with the following solutions and technologies:

  • Microsoft AZURE Mobile Services
  • Telerik Mobile Development
  • Microsoft AZURE App Servies
  • Microsoft Logical Apps and Power Apps
  • Microsoft Machine Learning
  • HTML 5
  • Web API
  • Windows Universal Platform Apps
  • Cross Platform Apps (Xamarin)

We make your data work for you!

Unused data costs money and resources. Used correctly, they make business processes faster and more efficient. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment right away!