Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365


Here CRM, there ERP, there Business Intelligence (BI)? The digital transformation dissolves thinking in individual systems and data silos. Integration is the magic word. After the implementation of digital platforms, business management and production technology applications make use of a common data pool that is fed from a wide variety of sources. On the one hand, your processes are more efficient and much more technology-driven than before; on the other hand, your digital business model fully focuses on the customer, his requirements and his satisfaction.

In a multitude of projects for medium-sized businesses, NXTGN has made a name for itself as a consultant for the digital change process. Our team has already successfully implemented several BI, CRM and ERP systems on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365, whereby we rely on an agile implementation methodology. We always strive for fast results that are tailored to your actual needs.


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In times of digitalisation, internal processes must be increasingly automated and interlinked. Rigid departmental hierarchies are dissolving. They are being replaced by agile project teams that require completely different and much more flexible tools than in the past. This also means that specialised stand-alone solutions for CRM or ERP are a thing of the past. Holistic and modularly expandable technology platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, in combination with intelligent apps and a common data pool, provide functions that management, employees, customers or suppliers can access as needed.

This means that digitalisation is always a matter for the boss at neuralgic points. The management sets the goals and strategic direction and decides on the individual steps of the implementation. However, digitisation is also a constant process of learning and change. Do you and your organisation need support in this process? With the help of the NXTGN digitalisation guide, we will send you on a journey to your digital future!



This is how successful implementation works

It is in the nature of change that it does not happen all at once. Especially with such a huge upheaval that directly affects your business model and thus the future of your company, every step of the implementation up to the successful digital transformation wants to be well planned. NXTGN brings to your project both the necessary consulting expertise and experience in the selection, customisation, programming and configuration of software and hardware.

Rapid implementation is most likely to succeed if you start with a small, manageable sub-project. After successful testing and the necessary modifications, the rollout can begin and the next digitisation step is tackled.

With the implementation of digital technologies, the communication of all stakeholders involved will also change. In an agile environment, transparency and the exchange of expertise are one of the keys to success. Exclusive knowledge built up in sales or development must flow into the common pool for information, data and documents. Therefore, take employees and customers on board right from the start. They must embrace
the changes because they are an important part of the digitisation strategy.

One of the most essential aspects of implementation, however, is ensuring data security. Huge amounts of data from a wide variety of sources, the networking of countless small units, increasingly strict data protection regulations and clouds present your IT with a huge challenge. We therefore have data security in mind first and foremost at every step and work exclusively with platforms and tools that are state of the art in this respect.

This is how we approach the implementation of digital technologies and applications:

  1. The implementation takes place step by step
  2. Employees, customers and other relevant business partners are on board from the start
  3. Communication with all stakeholders is comprehensive and transparent
  4. Selection of software and hardware takes place under consideration of an optimal cost-benefit ratio
  5. The success of each application is tested and evaluated before the final launch
  6. Data security is guaranteed under all circumstances

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