IO 365 – IO-Link goes Microsoft

From sensor to business model




What is IO 365?

The easies way from sensor to business model

With IO 365, NXTGN creates the link between two groundbreaking technologies: IO-Link and Microsoft's cloud-based business applications - especially with regard to MS Azure and Dynamics 365.

Components of this comprehensive solution portfolio are:

  • Hardware (sensors and gateways)
  • Connectivity (adapted to your use case)
  • Security
  • Portals
  • Data Analytics
  • Integration of third party systems









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The basis: IO-Link

The IO-Link standard protocol makes it easy to bring machine data to the cloud.

This not only enables bundled data transparency for the entire fleet of machines and systems. By collecting the data in MS Azure, it can also be further processed in various business applications.  

At the level of production control systems (MES), for example, the operating states of machines can be monitored and regulated. But comprehensive analyses can also be carried out and help to make operations more efficient.

The data can also be transferred to ERP or Dynamics and used there as a control mechanism for workflows. If certain parameter values are reached, processes can be triggered automatically - such as notifications to service technicians.

 IO-Link is to production what USB is to PCs: It has never been so easy to transfer data from machines and plants to the cloud. With IO 365, we at NXTGN accompany you even further: we bring the knowledge gained right into your business applications. In greenfield projects as well as in retrofit projects.

Patrick Franke, CEO von NXTGN

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Internationally standardised interface

With the IO-Link standard, different sensors from various manufacturers can be connected - simply, safely and quickly. And without additional intervention in the IT infrastructure.

Suitable for new projects and retrofits

Whether from scratch or with existing plants, no matter whether cloud connection or in-house applications: thanks to IO-Link, you can track the data of your machines easily and cost-effectively.  

Increased efficiency with sustainable cost reduction

Being able to centrally record and analyse all machine data provides a better overview. Processes can be optimised and automated more easily.

Condition Monitoring 

The operating conditions of your equipment can be monitored and individual parameters can be precisely monitored and controlled. For efficient operation and a longer service life for your machine fleet.

Connected Field Service

With the continuation of the machine data in business applications such as Dynamics, the information from the field can be linked with customer data. This enables customer service to act even more quickly and in a more targeted manner. For more customer proximity.

New business models

Especially the linking of machine data with information in business applications offers great potential for new, more customer-oriented revenue and business models. For more customer orientation and a real competitive advantage.

IO-365 for Microsoft Azure

NXTGN develops your individual solution for MS Azure. Monitor the condition of your machines and equipment. Plan the maintenance of your equipment and optimise the service life and efficiency of your equipment.



IO-365 for Microsoft Dynamics

By continuously evaluating your machine data, you can detect irregularities in operation very quickly and at an early stage.

Since the machine data can be merged with the customer master data, your service team always knows in good time which tasks they need to solve on site. Your field service can thus act with foresight and efficiency.



Together with our partner Autosen, we also offer the complete solution of wireless gateway, IoT cloud and Europe-wide data flat rate to monitor, manage and analyse sensor data online.

io-key is compatible with over 10,000 different sensors from more than 200 manufacturers. We also offer a Europe-wide data flat rate.






Start uncomplicated: You don't need a large investment to achieve success quickly.

Develop and scale your IoT project according to your needs. With us as your partner, you get all this from a single source.

It has never been easier than with IO 365.

We look forward to hearing about your project!

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Patrick Franke