IoT consulting for medium-sized companies

From sensor to business model


A majority of medium-sized companies in Germany already have IoT projects in the pipeline or have successfully implemented them. You can achieve the overarching business goal of building strategic competitive advantages through digitalisation in different ways. NXTGN Solutions shows you unused business potential in the Internet of Things based on concrete use cases and can give advise on planning and implementation. Our big plus: We are both consultants and doers with practical experience. We accompany you from the sensor to the business model!



Digitisation is in full swing

The networking of sensors, devices and machines in the Internet of Things, in skilful interaction with automation and technologies such as machine learning and AI, unleashes huge leaps in productivity and growth. Industry in particular is benefiting from the opportunities to use new information and live data to make processes more efficient, cost-effective, transparent and flexible. By offering innovative services such as plant monitoring, predictive maintenance or pay-per-use billing, promising new markets can also be opened up.

Challenges during implementation - and how they can be solved ...

During implementation, this digital transformation entails a huge change process in the company, because it affects the entire value chain. A wide variety of devices and systems must be integrated and connected with each other without any losses. A flood of data must be channelled, collected and analysed. Our work starts with necessary things like calculating the battery life of an IoT device, deals with the adaptation of organisational and IT infrastructure as well as the selection of suitable technologies and ends, last but not least, with ensuring data quality and data security. And all this under the premise of the greatest possible economic efficiency and future-oriented scalability!


The most important goals of IIoT in SMEs

Cost reduction


Increase in turnover

Securing competitiveness

Increasing productivity and efficiency


Customer loyalty, e.g. through IoT services


Maximum energy efficiency

More flexible manufacturing.

Better product quality


Proof of concept in 30 days

In these dynamic times, an IoT project must also be quickly realisable - naturally on the basis of a resilient decision-making foundation. Within 30 days, the NXTGN consultants will present initial feasibility results. Arrange a non-binding initial meeting right away!



Typical applications for IIoT - the Industrial Internet of Things

NXTGN is more than a full service provider for IoT projects. In our eyes, building and maintaining long-term customer partnerships is a win-win situation for all sides. The industry and application experience our IoT experts have gained over many years benefits you in ongoing consulting as well as in the implementation of software and hardware solutions.

  • Key application: Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive maintenance is one of the most frequently discussed use cases for IoT - and with good reason. It extends the service life and durability of machines and reduces the costs for spare parts, maintenance and repair.

    But for many companies, digitalisation is limited to remote services, networked process monitoring and the extrapolation of failure probabilities from historical data. However, real added value is only achieved through the intelligent use of the acquired data for a reliable, algorithm-based real-time forecast. This includes current process and machine data, information on part batches as well as findings from previous maintenance and repairs. For example, a self-learning system can determine which conditions promote wear and failure of machines in production operations and changes the machine settings accordingly.


  • From machine builder to service provider

    For machine builders, IoT technology offers excellent opportunities to generate revenue with customers beyond the actual hardware and classic maintenance contracts. Smart, proactive maintenance is based on the simultaneous monitoring of thousands of machines and systems. Make this data available to your customers as a service.

    Such a "Product-as-a-Service" (PaaS) model is far more competitive compared to the traditional business model, because the collection of data - once implemented - is not very costly. The benefits, on the other hand, are enormous, because now you can offer the proactive service as a service. You stand out from the competition and strengthen customer loyalty at the same time.

  • Key application logistics

    Logistics costs are a relevant cost factor across all industries. Smart IoT applications not only reduce costs, but also increase delivery reliability and monitor product quality along the entire supply chain. Depending on the requirements, numerous sensors constantly report all relevant data on the location, the product condition, the environmental conditions and trigger defined alarm routines in the event of limit values being exceeded, for example.

  • Business Case Process Container

    The continuous monitoring of process containers in transit has been extremely difficult for companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. A web-based IoT application can create the necessary transparency to ensure quality throughout the entire supply chain. Read our case study the solution for effective monitoring of process containers.

  • Key application process manufacturing

    Efficient production planning in the process industry is an extremely complex challenge. An IoT solution can support here in many places with monitoring, analyses and other digital services; such as remote monitoring, visualisation and real-time monitoring of plant locations, inline quality monitoring in the food and pharmaceutical industry via image processing systems and much more. The benefits are optimised processes and operations, better product quality, less waste and fewer plant breakdowns.

  • Business Case IBC

    Integrate maintenance companies, customers and manufacturers to make the cleaning process and deployment of IBCs as effective as possible. Read our case study Service Portal for effective tracking of IBCs.


The right IoT platform

IoT solutions enable the networking of devices and machines in the real world with the digital corporate world. Sensors and other measuring devices deliver vast amounts of unstructured data, and the challenge of mastering fast transmission and high data availability grows daily.

Figuratively speaking, the first task of companies in the digitalisation process is to bring order to this Babylonian tangle of languages. The basis for this are IoT platforms. This is where the incoming digital information is collected, managed and prepared for analysis and visualisation. NXTGN Solutions advises you on the choice of IoT platform that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

The most important requirements for an IoT platform:

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Integration of business applications such as ERP system and CRM system
  • Optimal lifecycle costs
  • Available standards for app programming, data visualisation and device management (sensors, microcontrollers, gateways, etc.)

Whether the creation of virtual machines (digital twins) or an interactive service portal, we can get started with the realisation practically immediately - and on the same platform.


Proof of concept in 30 days

Within 30 days, we will present you with a basis for decision-making for your IoT project based on reliable data and simulations. Arrange a non-binding initial consultation right away!