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The NXTGN team: experience paired with start-up spirit

We as a team have already worked together successfully in the CRM, ERP and BI environment for many years before NXTGN. With the founding of NXTGN, we are stepping out of the cycle of deadlocked processes and want to bring our view of digitalisation into the corporate world.

The experience we have gained from consulting and implementing operational processes helps us to understand what the market needs.

Our management team

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Patrick Franke


Patrick Franke draws on 20 years of experience from over 100 CRM projects with customisation and integration characteristics. New systems were introduced and integrated into the system landscape.

The biggest challenge was always to implement processes as they were defined. The way people and systems as well as different systems communicate with each other requires an increasingly intelligent approach. This starts with the clear definition of objectives and the evaluation of the right platforms. In order to push intelligence for one's own processes, integrations and applications must become smarter and smarter. This is exactly what NXTGN stands for: smart applications, smart integrations and smart solutions to ensure business success.


Tobias Lehmeier

Senior Consultant Digital Transformation

Tobias Lehmeier simply feels at home in business processes. He is driven by the combination of business processes in service, sales and marketing, coupled with a constant endeavour to harmonise these with the latest technology.

In his more than 15 years of CRM experience, he can look back on numerous international projects.

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council, he has worked with 15 partners worldwide on the MS Dynamics product family.As a driver of innovation, he lectures on digitalisation and the Internet of Things.


Matthias Pirzer

Senior Consultant Digital Transformation

Matthias Pirzer has one topic particularly close to his heart: he wants to educate companies about what digitalisation can mean in their context. In doing so, he always pays attention to the actual added value for the company. He brings his special expertise to bear in the area of "Data InSight". Data offers far more possibilities than just past-related analyses. Much more can be learned from data and predictive analytics can be used to look into the future.

Over the past 10 years, Matthias Pirzer has designed and implemented a large number of international BI and CRM solutions and supported their rollout. In the process, processes of different company divisions were harmonised, bidirectional interfaces to ERP systems were connected and change management in the company was supported.


Marc Lehmeier

Senior Consultant Digital Transformation

Marc Lehmeier uses his experience from more than 10 years in CRM and BI projects - especially in service management - to support his customers in taking the first steps towards digitalisation.

He is particularly fond of the topic of predictive maintenance, as this area perfectly combines the two worlds of business processes and the use of data.

His hobbyhorse is the topic of Data In Motion. His special focus is on the quality of data on the one hand and on the transfer of data between different systems on the other. Interfaces and interface technologies are his passion, which he successfully introduces to his customers in order to develop the best possible application and data infrastructure on the path to digitalisation.


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