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Where is my process container located? Can I monitor the temperature of the transported goods and the container pressure from any location? We have the answers!


Accompanying process containers from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries on their logistical path with the aid of a web-based application creates maximum transparency and quality assurance throughout the entire process chain. Intelligent sensors enable communication and interaction within the IoT ecosystem. 

Prozessbehälter VesselProcess vessel manufacturers, users and their customers are faced with the following difficulties:
  • They have only a limited level of information about the location of the containers, because geocoding is hardly used.
  • In addition, it is very difficult to monitor the condition of the transported goods. Access to the data is only possible via central systems.
  • Load change cycles are currently still calculated manually and limit value overruns are insufficiently detected and reported


Our service portal for process containers offers many optimization approaches:

  • Geocoding of the process vessels / display of the exact location of the vessels
  • Permanent condition monitoring of the transported goods and the containers
  • Alarming when defined parameters are exceeded or not reached
  • Web- and cloudbased solution enables location-independent data availability around the clock and the use of already existing visualization devices (tablet, mobile phone).
  • Automated management of maintenance intervals

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What are the economic benefits of the IoT capability of your process vessels?

With the integration of our service portal, effort and costs can be reduced. The following 6 significant savings can be realized. 

Reduction of...

1. Planning effort – automated management of individually defined maintenance intervals, load change cycles and the container life cycle

2. Storage capacities – automated support for spare parts stocking

3. High repair costs – early error detection triggers an alarm and an immediate business process for a technician's disposition. This prevents the need for expensive repairs.

4. Damage to container contents – an alarm device according to individually defined parameters ensures timely intervention.

5. Effort for documentation management – automatic recording and documentation of container parameters for the condition description as well as relevant process data. Electronically supported and thus paperless document management.

6. Acquisition costs – of central hardware through the use of inexpensive, existing visualization devices (smartphone, tablet). 


Monitoring optimization of process vessels from the pharmaceutical industry

Sensoren im Prozessbehälter erfassen Daten

 1. Sensors in the process vessel record data 

The most modern, interactive sensor technology is used. Intelligent sensors can detect conditions such as pressure, temperature and speed of the agitator as well as damage to the vessel itself and transmit the corresponding data to a cloud storage.

Das IoT-fähige Serviceportal greift Daten in Echtzeit ab

2. The IoT-enabled service portal accesses data in real time

The data from the cloud storage is transmitted to the service portal in real time, analyzed and evaluated with the help of stored algorithms. Already configured dashboard views provide transparency and clarity quickly. 

Automatisches Auslösen von Geschäftsprozessen

3. Automatic triggering of business processes

The service portal is able to record the data transmitted from the cloud, structure it and trigger the necessary control and business processes. These can be individually defined alarm processes in case of defined limit value overruns or underruns, but also business processes such as the immediate dispatching of maintenance technicians.


 The networking of machines and mobile goods has only just begun. We would be pleased to advise you on the development of new applications and market segments!

In our service portal "" you can find out where your process container is located and the condition of the transported goods - around the clock. This brings added value to the entire value chain.

Mobile monitoring

Monitoring creates transparency and increases efficiency. Information such as the location of the containers, but also the condition of the contents, can be transferred to existing visualization devices (smartphone, tablet) in real time.

Planning Optimization

Automated management of defined maintenance intervals, load change cycles and container life cycles leads to an increase in planning efficiency.

Location-independent data provision

Wherever your process container is located, you have an overview of your transported goods and can track and analyse locations and downtimes by using current data and history.

Increase in added value

The IoT-capable containers make it easier and more cost-efficient to coordinate, monitor and optimise logistics. Greater transparency across the entire process chain leads to increased bundling possibilities, optimized transport utilization and cost advantages.

Initiative Alerting

With proactive alerting, problems are detected at an early stage and can be reduced in number and impact. For example, an alarm is triggered when the ADR check is due or exceeded. This avoids high follow-up costs.

Increase customer satisfaction

Important documents are automatically maintained and continued. Administrative tasks can easily be done online. This way you can guarantee your customers more adherence to schedules and better service.

Via the service portal, you can monitor your process containers and act with foresight.

Using sensors and the cloud, the Internet of Things can answer questions like: Where are my process containers located? Is the required refrigeration maintained? The collected sensor data is analyzed, processed and visualized in our service portal.

With our "" solution, we create transparency and quality assurance along the entire process chain of your container and its contents. Via easy-to-understand dashboard views, important information such as pressure, temperature of the transported goods and also the speed of the agitator can be interpreted at a glance.

Vessel Prozessbehälter Serviceportal

Further advantages of the service portal:

  • exact localization of the process containers
  • multi-client capable (customer, end customer, service partner)
  • any numbers of users 
  • data stored in Europe 


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