Advice on digital transformation




The digital transformation has an impact on almost all areas of life. It is creating completely new business models and changing the way we live, work and consume. Medium-sized companies must stay on the ball when it comes to digitalisation in order to continue to meet the high demands of customers and not be left behind by large corporations.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can accelerate the digital transformation of your company! We ensure that sales, customer service, marketing and other areas work together optimally. We support you on a strategic and operational level.


From sensor to business model

Develop a strategy for the digital transformation of your company with us. Simply send us your contact details. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



We bring your digital transformation to the finish line

Even as a medium-sized company, there is no getting around the topic of digitalisation of business processes. But who wears the hat when it comes to developing and implementing the digital strategy? IT, management, sales and marketing or development? In our eyes, the answer is quite simple. It's everyone. Digitalisation affects the entire company. Because in a modern, agile organisation, departments are just as networked as processes and data streams.


For this, companies need an interdisciplinary view of the big picture from above. They need to learn to rethink. But a sound digital strategy also offers you the unique opportunity to develop innovative digital business models in your industry or even to move into new industries.


We are your partner for digital consulting

In digital strategy consulting, we follow the principle of small steps. Lean, long-term solutions, thanks to which results are quickly visible for the customers. And we are more than a classic management consultancy, because we also stand by with our comprehensive know-how during implementation (implementation and structuring of data in Microsoft Dynamics).

How digital consulting gets creative: the digital map for your company

Our digital map concept supports you in building up in-house digital competence! The term management consultancy or consulting is often associated with endless sessions that end up in a page-long concept. When we create a digital map of your company, we also start by identifying the current state, the status quo of systems, data flows and infrastructure.

This is followed by an exciting and creative phase. Because in many cases, the goal of your digitalisation initiative is still open. When looking at the existing processes, completely new opportunities will arise from the successful digitalisation of your products and services.


Find new potential for your business with NXTGN 365!

  • Higher product quality through new technologies
  • Product diversification through digital innovation
  • Market and growth opportunities through digital business
  • More efficient and streamlined processes
  • Higher customer loyalty thanks to digital products and services
  • Better information for management, controlling, sales, production, service and marketing

Where are you in your digitisation process?

Together we will find out and create a concrete action plan on how you can optimise your services and structures.